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Carl Johnson Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson (CJ)

Once living in Liberty City, Carl returns to his hometown in Los Santos after the death of his mother, Beverly. There, Carl is welcomed by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski - a couple of corrupt cops. The officers escort Carl to an area controlled by Front Yard Ballas. The pair throw CJ from a moving police car and promise that they'll be in touch.

Shortly after his mothers funeral, Carl discovers that the rest of his family (and former gang, the Grove Street Families) are experiencing difficulty with some rivals. Carl finds himself dragged back into the street life he apparently once tried to leave behind. Carl manages to get out of the gang hood by the skin on his teeth, but only to find that he is being framed for 187 - LA Police dispatch for homicide. Realising that things aren't going be as swift as he first anticipated, Carl travels across the entire state of San Andreas to take control of the streets and save his family.

Carl Johnson is voiced by Chris "Young Maylay" Bellard, a young rapper hoping to capitalize on the success of GTA San Andreas.

Sweet Johnson

Sean "Sweet" Johnson

Sweet is CJ's older brother, and believes that Carl is to blame for the death of their younger brother Brian. Sweet, a powerful and uncontrollable figure, heads up the Grove Street Families--a gang with a never-ending list of problems. Sweet dislikes the fact that his sister Kendl is dating Cesar Vialpando because of his status in the Varios Los Aztecas. Sweet won't respect Carl until he has "paid his debts", and made up for the time that he was gone. Extremely loyal towards his gang, and the hood.

Sweet is voiced by Faizon Love, who has starred in various productions from 1992 to present. Love was born in Santiago de Cuba, in 1968.

Big Smoke

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris

Long-time family friend and member of the Grove Street Families. Big Smoke is extrmely overweight and obsessed with money. Currently aiming to setup a new drug business with Ryder San Fierro's Loco Syndicate. Sweet refuses to take part, saying that it would damage the hood. Kendl believes that the new business is without a doubt what funded his new home in Idlewood. Disloyal - independant - always in it for himself.

Big Smoke is voiced by Clifton Powell, winner of several NAACP awards. Powell has been acting since 1981, starring in such films as "Menace II Society" (1993).


Lance "Ryder" Wilson

Ryder, a 'loose cannon', is very passionate about the Grove Street Families and one of CJ's oldest friends. Short, scrawny, but violent. In the mission "Ryder", Ryder is unhappy after discovering that the owner of 'Well Stacked Pizza' has dis-respected Grove Street by clearing the gang graffiti tag from his walls. Ryder picks at CJ's driving, and hasn't forgiven him for the 5 years he spent in Liberty City.Ryder is trying to setup a 'yay' business with T-Bone Mendez, Mike Toreno and Jizzy B (all members of the Loco Syndicate). Disloyal and greedy.

Ryder is voiced by MC Eiht, lead rapper of the group "Compton's Most Wanted". He starred in the film "Menace II Society" in 1993.

Officer Frank Tenpenny

Officer Frank Tenpenny

A corrupt cop. Seen as being a respectable officer, when he is infact a maniacal bully who has been troubling CJ since before his leave for Liberty City. Tenpenny heads up LSPD's anti-gang unit known as C.R.A.S.H. Despite his dislike towards CJ, he'll always find an excuse to keep him alive. Often accompanied by Officer Pulaski. Tenpenny and Pulaski have built their own criminal empire, taking out anybody who gets in their way. Believed to be involved in racketeering, corruption, narcotics and sexual assault. The pair silenced Officer Ralph Pendelbury after he threatened to turn state's evidence. The death was said to have occured in an "unrelated gang incident". Independant, powerful and ruthless.

Officer Tenpenny is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Jules Winnfield in the movie "Pulp Fiction" (1994). Jackson is famous for playing violent, loud-mouthed characters.

Officer Eddie Pulaski

Officer Eddie Pulaski

Tenpenny's right hand man. Pulaski (also a member of the corrupt C.R.A.S.H) has wanted to kill CJ for years, but Tenpenny always finds an excuse to keep him alive. Powerful and ruthless when accompanied by his superior, but we soon discover that he is infact a coward. Tenpenny and Pulaski have built their own criminal empire, taking out anybody who gets in their way. The pair silenced Officer Ralph Pendelbury after he threatened to turn state's evidence. The death was said to have occured in an "unrelated gang incident". Believed to be involved in racketeering, corruption, narcotics and sexual assault.

Officer Pulaski is voiced by Chris Penn, who started acting at age of 12 at the Loft Studio in Los Angeles. Born in 1962, Penn has a black belt in karate and has starred in more than 50 different movies.

Officer Jimmy Hernandez

Officer Jimmy Hernandez

The third and newest member of LSPD's corrupt C.R.A.S.H. unit. Although Hernandez is not as malicious as Tenpenny and Pulaski, he's willing to follow them for a cut. He describes himself as being a 'good cop'. Hernandez doesn't agree with Tenpenny and Pulaski's methods, and later tries to expose them. Tenpenny soon discovers, and Hernandez pays the price.

Officer Hernandez is voiced by Armando Riesco, who also voice-acted in GTA Vice City and Midnight Club II. Riesco also did some pedestrian voices in GTA San Andreas.

Wu Zi Mu


Cool, calm and collected. Reffered to as simply "Woozie" by his friends, this oriental gentlement heads up the Mountain Cloud Boys - a Triad gang. Woozie is blind, although he has trained his senses to a point where you wouldn't notice his handicap. He takes pride in his abilities as an expert race-car driver and golf pro. Woozie must protect his superior, Ran Fa Li, and eliminate his viatnamese rivals (The Da Nang Boys) to secure his place in the Red Gecko Tong. Woozie now operates the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, but the Sindacco Family are looking to sabotage it's opening. Blessed with 'unbelievable good fortune'.

Woozie is voiced by James Yaegashi, who began his acting career in 1999 starring as "Cole" in the movie "Spin the Bottle".

Ran Fa Li

Ran Fa Li

Also known as Mr Farlie. Ran Fa Li leads the Red Gecko Tong, one of the most superior Triad gangs. A viatnamese gang (The Da Nang Boys) are preparing a full move to the United States and have launched multiple attacks on Farlie's men. The Blood Feather Triad have been completely wiped out, and now they are planning to hit Farlie. Wu Zi Mu must impress Mr Farlie to secure his place in the Red Gecko Tong.

Although he doesn't say much (infact, he doesn't say anything at all - just the ocassional grunt) Ran Fa Li is voiced by Hunter Platin. Platin also voice-acted in Manhunt, Midnight Club II, GTA Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3.

Su Xi Mu

Su Xi Mu

Often referred to as simply Suzie. Su Xi Mu assists Woozie and Ran Fa Li, and represents the Triads in general. His main place of work is at the Triad-operated betting store in Chinatown, San Fierro. Believed to have connections with RC freak Zero. The Triads are currently having problems with a viatnamese gang called "The Da Nang Boys", who are preparing a full move to the United States.

Su Xi Mu is voiced by Richard Chang, who played the prosecuter in the movie "Return to Paradise" (1998) and "Gafar" in the 2004 movie "Kejar Amerika".

Barry Big Bear Thorne

Barry "Big Bear" Thorne

Often referred to as "Big Bear", Barry is one of the elder members of the Grove Street Families. Big Bear is very loyal to the hood. Often seen alongside OG B-Dup, who managed to drug him up. Because of this, B Dup is controlling Bear's life and having him do his chores. Bear is currently in a terrible state because of his drug addiction.

Big Bear is voiced by Big Boy, who hosts a radio show on Los Angeles' Power 105.9 FM station. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 2.


Kendl Johnson

Carl's sister, Kendl, argues a lot with her brother Sweet. Kendl is unhappy because Carl wasn't around to help the family. She dates Cesar, childhood friend of CJ and veteran member of the Varios Los Aztecas gang in Los Santos. Kendl is said to be 'the brains' in the Johnson family. She has taken Beverly's role in the Johnson House since her death.

Kendl is voiced by Yolanda Whittacker, nicknamed "Yo-Yo". She is well known as a hip-hop MC under the name Yo-Yo who was discovered by actor/MC/producer Ice Cube.


Cesar Vialpando

Tattooed from top to bottom--a childhood friend of CJ in the city of Los Santos. Cesar is dating Kendl, CJ's sister. Cesar is obsessed with stolen cars, and heads up the Varios Los Aztecas, a gang that is currently diminishing. A man of honour and integrity, which eventually leads Cesar and Carl to become close friends. He's always watching CJ's back, and vice versa. Cesar is Catalina's cousin.

Cesar is voiced by Clifton Collins. Collins began his acting career in 1991, and starred in the movie "Menace II Society" in 1993.



Fiery. Cesar Vialpando's cousin--the most frightening female character in the GTA3 series. Catalina lives in an isolated hut in Fern Ridge, Red County - complete with freshly digged graves in the back yard. Obsessed with robbery. Catalina is in love with Carl, despite her poor attitude towards him. She begins dating Claude Speed, the 'snake without a tongue' (commonly known as GTA3 Guy). The pair are preparing a move to Liberty City. Powerful, sick minded, constantly seeking attention.

Catalina is voiced by Cynthia Farrel, who also played Catalina in Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001).

Claude Speed

Claude Speed

The "snake without a tongue." We can finally put a name on GTA3's main character. Claude is currently dating Catalina, the crazy bitch (as Carl likes to describe her) living in Fern Ridge, Red County. Claude is a talented street racer. Carl defeats him in a countryside race, and is rewarded with deeds to a garage in San Fierro, which to his surprise, is run down and of no use to anybody. Claude is preparing a move to Liberty City with Catalina.

Just like in Grand Theft Auto III (2001), Claude doesn't say a single word and therefore has no voice-actor.

B Dup

Mark "B-Dup" Wayne

OG B-Dup recently (and suspiciously) moved out of his Ganton home and into Glen Park - Balla territory. Rumours suggest that he has drifted apart from gang banging and into "other activies." Allegations of false imprisonment and kidnapping of friends persist. Often seen alongside Barry "Big Bear" Thorne, whom he has drugged up.

B-Dup is voiced by Jayceon Taylor, who is nicknamed "The Game". The Game was born into a life of gang-banging and hustling - his father being a Nutty Block Crip and his mother a Hoover Crippelette. He recalls seeing his parents preparing to do drive-by's.

OG Loc

Jeffery "OG Loc" Martin

Wannabe' gangsta rapper Jeffery Martin. No criminal record, besides a few unpaid parking fines, but certainly no threat to the community. Stay clear of his music. Speaking of his music, he only ever came out with one album, "Straight from Tha Streetz", which he recorded shortly after returning from jail. Whilst some say he was the worst rapper in history, others say it's a whole new style of hip-hop. The only person stopping him from becoming a star is Maddog (or so he believes).

OG Loc is voiced by Jonathan Anderson, who starred in the movie "The Source" in 2002.



A recording artist from Manchester, England. A former member of the drugged-out Manchester dance band, the Gurning Chimps, Maccer was once a millionaire poster boy for hedonism. Currently planning a "comeback tour". Born in Salford in 1965, Maccer made partying into a lifestyle, and hard partying into a religion. He invented the musical style that became known as 'extremely baggy'. There isn't a drug he hasn't tried, a form of self abuse he has not practiced and a musical taboo he has not broken. Check out Maccer's official website, here.

Maccer is voiced by Shaun Ryder. Ryder was a musician (vocalist) for the band "Happy Mondays" from the end of the 80s to the mid-90s. Now vocalist of the band "Black Grape."

Kent Paul

Kent Paul

Kent Paul has moved from Vice City to San Andreas. Kent is believed to have a serious narcotics addiction. Thinks of himself as a criminal mastermind, when he is infact, not. First seen during the Las Venturas mission where Paul and his old friend Maccer are stranded in Arco del Oueste as a result of one of Truth's "adventures". Believed to have connections with Ken Rosenberg and the mob at Caligula's Palace Casino. Maccer often refers to him as 'Paulo' and 'P'.

Kent Paul is voiced by Danny Dyer who also played Kent Paul in GTA Vice City (2002). Dyer began his acting career in 1993.

Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg

Referred to as simply "Rosie" by his friends. Ken, just as he was in Vice City, lacks confidence and is suffering from serious mental depression because of troublesome mob gangs. The Leone's and the Sindacco's cannot decide who should run Caligula's Casino, and so Rosie is put forward as a neutral party. If one family hits the other, the opposition will eliminate Ken. Because of his drug problem, Ken is no longer allowed to work with the law. Believed to have connections with Maccer, Kent Paul and Madd Dogg.

Ken Rosenberg is voiced by Bill Fichtner, who began his acting career in 1987 and also played Ken Rosenberg in GTA Vice City (2002).

Salvatore Leone

Salvatore Leone

Don Salvatore Leone makes his second appearance in the Grand Theft Auto series. Leone returns to the series with his girlfriend Maria, and his gang, the Leone Family. Salvatore has agreed to join forces with the Sindacco Family and run a casino in Venturas. This involves Salvatore pledging $5,000,000 to the Sindacco's, so he can't afford to let the Sindacco's screw him over. The Forelli's are also involved, and will take advantage of any good opportunity they see to eliminate their enemies.

Salvatore is voiced by Frank Vincent, who also played Salvatore in Grand Theft Auto III (2001) and starred in the 1990 movie "Goodfellas."

Jethro and Dwaine

Jethro & Dwaine

Jethro works at Xoomer Gas Station in Easter Basin, San Fierro. He appears to have a major problem with drugs. Dwaine runs a hotdog van near a tram terminal in Kings. Business is slow, and he soon finds himself working with hid old pal Jethro for at CJ's garage in Doherty. Both characters were featured in GTA Vice City, where Vercetti bought out their boatyard business.

Jethro is voiced by John Zurhellen and Dwaine is voiced by Navid Khonsari. Both were featured in GTA Vice City, Manhunt and Max Payne.

Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno

Toreno runs the Loco Syndicate. Toreno, a shady CIA agent, owns the ranch in Tierra Robada, north of the Garver Bridge. Toreno blackmails Carl into helping him with his international drug smuggling schemes. Mike has a lot of enemies, and he uses CJ as his shield. Always watching. Believed to have connections with T-Bone Mendez, Jizzy B, Ryder and Big Smoke.

Mike Toreno is voiced by James Woods, who scored a Best Actor Academy Award Nomination for his role as Richard Boyle in the movie "Salvador" (1986).

T-Bone Mendez

T-Bone Mendez

T-Bone is the Loco Syndicate's muscle. T-Bone did time for running black tar out of Mexico. He killed two guys inside. Believed to have connections with Jizzy B, Mike Toreno, Ryder and Big Smoke. Also believed to be part of the San Fierro Rifa, a hispanic street gang located in Garcia--a major hub in the international drugs trade.

T-Bone Mendez is voiced by Kid Frost, an East Los Angeles rapper of Mexican descent - well known for the song "Ain't No Sunshine" from the movie "American Me."


Jizzy B

Jizzy helps setup the deals for the Loco Syndicate, but argues that his cut is too small. He operates "Jizzy's Pleasure Domes" in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro--the premium place for adult entertainment (shoving money down strangers' panties). Jizzy is one of the west coast's biggest pimps and hustlers. Believed to have connections with T-Bone Mendez, Mike Toreno and other drug dealers. Powerful.

Jizzy is voiced by Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy. Murphy began his acting career in 1989 when he played Jimmy in "Harlem Nights."



Maddog is a recording artist--a local legend. He suffered great personal tragedy when his manager was killed, and turned to alcohol and drugs (cocaine). He owns a mansion in Mulholland, Los Santos. Maddog is never seen on the streets and has no affiliation with gangs. Albums include 'Huslin' Like Gangstaz', 'Still Madd', and 'Forty Dogg'. According to OG Loc, Maddog is the only person that is stopping him from becoming a huge star.

Maddog is voiced by Ice T, a hip-hop artist well known as the father of gangsta music, which spawned the careers of artists like N.W.A., Snoop Dogg, and the Geto Boys.



Zero is a 28 year old electronics geek who operates an RC store in Garcia, San Fierro. He supplies 1/10 scale replicas of reality. Zero insists that it is not a toy store. Currently at war with rival RC supplier Berkley. Berkley, obsessed with revenge, has been troubling Zero since he was beaten in a science fair many years ago. Believed to have connections with Wu Zi Mu and the Triads.

Zero is voiced by David Cross, who began his acting career in 1992 when he starred in the movie "Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight" (1994). Cross also starred in "Scary Movie 2", "Men in Black II" and voice-acted in "Halo 2" the same year he did GTA San Andreas.

The Truth

The Truth

A man of peace, cool and easy-going - a hippie! Truth drives a rather unusual looking hippie van, which he calls 'The Mothership'. Friends include Jethro and Dwaine, who are also hippies. They met at the '89 Fierro Lovin', apparently. Believed to have connections with Officer Tenpenny.

The Truth is voiced by Peter Fonda, who began his acting career in 1961 when played the role of Dr. Mark Cheswick in the movie "Tammy Tell Me True". In 1969 Fonda produced and costarred in the definitive 1960s anti-establishment statement, Easy Rider for which he shared an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Old Reece

Old Reece

Reece is CJ's barber - first seen in the mission 'Ryder' at Old Reece's hair facial studio in Idlewood. Reece has been the main news source in Idlewood for years, so if you need information, pay him a visit.

Reece offers various hairstyles, some of which include dripping Jheri curls, a fashionable Afro and a towering flattop. Reece knew Beverly, Carl's deceased mother.

The Johnson's

Brian & Beverly Johnson

Brian was Carl's younger brother, who was killed in an accident five years ago. Carl let Brian die, and Sweet blames Carl for his death. Beverly is CJ's deceased mother. She was killed accidently during a Balla drive-by shooting when they were actually aiming for Sweet. She was always very proud of her children.

These two characters do not feature in the game although they are mentioned on several ocassions.



Maria is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto III. Her role in GTA San Andreas is very small compared to her role in Grand Theft Auto III, but she is only there to tie loose ends in the story and show how she linked up with Salvatore.

Maria is voiced by Debbie Mazar, who was born in 1964. Mazar has acted in over 50 different movies, some of which include Goodfellas (1990) Jungle Fever (1991) and Malcolm X (1992). Mazar also voice-acted in Grand Theft Auto III (2001).

Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson

Denise is one of 6 girls in the game that you can engage a relationship with. Denise has close ties to the Grove Street Families and enjoys doing drive-by's. You start dating her after the mission 'Burning Desire', where Carl is forced to save her from a burning gang house in Vagos hood. You need lots of sex appeal to impress her. Denise is available from 16.00 to 06.00. Get 100% progression to unlock the pimp suit, which is automatically sent to your wardrobe.

Denise Robinson is voiced by Heather Alicia Simms who began her acting career in 1966. She has acted in such films as "Slow Run" (1968) "Shock Act" (2004) and also voice-acted in the Rockstar title "Red Dead Revolver" (2004)

Michelle Cannes

Michelle Cannes

Michelle is one of 6 girls in the game that you can engage a relationship with. Michelle is a mechanic and can be found at the water cooler inside the driving school in San Fierro. Michelle likes obese men, so spend some time eating fatty foods at the Cluckin' Bell before asking her out. Michelle is available from 00.01 to 12.00, and gaining 100% progression unlocks the racing outfit.

Michelle Cannes is voiced by Vanessa Aspilaga who began acting in 1993 where she played Maria in the movie "Mr Wonderful."

Helena Wankstein

Helena Wankstein

Helena is one of 6 girls in the game that you can engage a relationship with. Helena is an NRA Nut, and she hangs about at the shooting range balcony at Blueberry's Ammunation. Helena likes average men with lots of sex appeal, and is available from 08.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 02.00. Gaining 100% progression with Helena unlocks the country outfit.

Helena is voiced by Bijou Philips, who began her acting career in 1999 where she played the autograph girl in the movie "Sugar Town."

Barbara Schternvart

Barbara Schternvart

Barbara is one of 6 girls in the game that you can engage a relationship with. Barbara is a cop - divorced with two kids. You can pick her up at the sheriff's parking lot in El Quebrados. Barbara is available from 16.00 to 06.00, and likes dating obese men. If you get busted whilst dating Barbara, she will get you out of jail for free. Gaining 100% with Barbara sends the cop outfit to your wardrobe.

Barbara is voiced by Danielle Lee Greaves who has made numerous guest appearances in the show "Whoopi."

Katie Zahn

Katie Zahn

Katie is a nurse. You can pick her up at the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro, where she practices T'ai Chi. Katie likes men with lots of sex appeal and muscle, so bulk up before asking her out! If you get wasted whilst dating Katie, she will you let you keep your weapons when you are released. Gaining 100% progression with Katie unlocks the medic suit.

Katie is voiced by China Chow, who began her acting career in 1998. She acted in such films as "The Big Hit" (1998) Sol Goode (2001) and Frankenfish (2004).

Millie Perkins

Millie Perkins

Millie is one of 6 girls in the game that you can engage a relationship with. Millie is a croupier at Caligula's Casino in Venturas and you begin dating her during the heist mission 'Key to her Heart'. Millie likes men with lots of sex appeal. Millie is available at her home at exactly 12.00 everyday, and dating her unlocks the gimp suit.

Millie Perkins is voiced by Orfeh, who also voice-acted in Rockstar title "Max Payne 2". Orfeh is also known for her role in the 2004 movie "Temptation".


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