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News for March, 2005

Monday, March 28, 2005
San Andreas PC Shipping on DVD-9 / DVD-5
Posted by DigitalD at 16:06. Category: General

Following up on Sunday's "San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?" news, I made some calls and it turns out San Andreas PC will indeed by shipping on a DVD. A kind bloke at Take 2 tech support with a UK accent confirmed that because the game is so large, it will be shipped on either a dual layer DVD disc (DVD-9) or perhaps a single layer DVD disc (DVD-5). He also let me know that the system requirements will be released closer to release date.

So while on Sunday there was still a possiblity that those without DVD readers will be able to play San Andreas on PC, that hope has been lost and come June you will have to cash out for a DVD reader.

This new information has been mirrored at the San Andreas PC and Xbox information page.

Las Venturas Walkthrough
Posted by adamcs at 01:47. Category: General

Our walkthrough has been updated to include the Las Venturas missions, with (as normal) tips, strategies and a whole bunch of screenshots.

There are just 9 missions to go, aswell as a few extra's from the San Fierro category. The walkthrough should be completed within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, March 27, 2005
San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?
Posted by DigitalD at 02:01. Category: General

From what I've just read, that seems to be the case. We've all seen the official PC boxart which looks like it's got a DVD graphic in the bottom corner indicating the game will be shipping on a DVD disc, but it seems there's more to the DVD theory..

A fan on our San Andreas PC & Xbox forums contacted Rockstar about his pre-order through Rockstar Warehouse, and asked about the format of the game. The correspondence goes as follows:

-----Original Message-----
From: Store [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 2:06 PM
To: --------
Subject: RE: GTA San Andreas

Hi --------,
This game will be available on June 7th. We will try to ship it a day earlier but cannot promise that we will get it in time to ship before the 7th. To answer your DVD question, the game will only be available on DVD.

Thanks for your order!
Rockstar Games

-----Original Message-----
From: --------
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 1:56 PM
To: Store
Subject: GTA San Andreas

Hi I wrote about a week ago and haven't gotten a response ... I've since then added you to my allowed senders list I had a few questions concerning my pre-order of gta san andreas I noticed on take2's uk site it says it will be released on DVD and on the North American site it says PC CD ROM and was wondering what type I will be getting I prefer it on DVD if I have a choice also I was wondering if it will shipped to arrive on june 7 or will shipping start june 7?

Don't take this as 100% sure information yet, I will send some emails around and try to get confirmation.

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Another unknown cheat..
Posted by adamcs at 16:14. Category: General

We now have two unknown cheats. Email me if you find out what any of them do, or, you can sign up at our forum and discuss it with other GTA fans, in this topic.

Bones from GTAForums discovered that unknown cheat #2 makes prostitutes pay you (rather than take your money). edisoncarter confirmed that unknown cheat #1 does infact do nothing at all.


Prostitutes pay you:

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Infinite Health Cheat
Posted by adamcs at 20:45. Category: General

edisoncarter has just informed me of a new cheat he has found. Check it out:

Infinite Health
Makes you mostly bulletproof, and fire, punches and melee attacks don't hurt you anymore. You can still be hurt by explosions, falling, getting run over, and drowning.

Related Links: edison's site, GTAForums

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Unknown Cheat
Posted by adamcs at 19:13. Category: General

It seems we have another unknown cheat from edisoncarter. If you manage to find out what it does, mail me.

Unknown Cheat:

Related Links: GTAForums, edison's site

World Exclusive San Andreas PC Preview in GameStar
Posted by DigitalD at 00:10. Category: General

German gaming magazine GameStar has secured a world exclusive first look at the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by travelling to Rockstar's offices in NYC to preview the game. Their cover page preview consists of 8 pages and 12 screenshots of the never-before seen PC version. Having read through the preview, here is a summary.

  • The draw distance is considerably higher in the PC version.
  • Real reflections on buildings can be seen in a screenshot. Real reflections will also be visible on cars and shiny floors.
  • The German version will be censored of blood, you also won't be able to mug people for money.
  • You can forget washed out textures from the PlayStation 2 version. The PC version will not be a 1:1 copy of the PS2 version, but a whole new graphical experience.
  • It is not yet confirmed how the 2-player mode will work on the PC.
  • The PC version will allow you to import your own MP3 for listening on the radio. You can even specify an MP3 folder on your hard disk, which the radio will play songs from between advertisements and DJ commentary.
  • As of writing the preview, the game is 90% complete and ready to be released in June.

The preview is in the May issue of GameStar magazine and will be available on the 23rd of March in newsstands all over Germany. Pick up the magazine if you live in Germany and keep an eye on our San Andreas PC & Xbox forums. Thanks to our good friends at the german GTA fansite GTA Reactor.

Read More

Sunday, March 20, 2005
Desert Walkthrough
Posted by adamcs at 19:10. Category: General

Just a quick update regarding the walkthrough - the desert missions are now complete, and I've also added a guide for flying school with screenshots, tips, videos and such. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2005
GTA: Cause of All Evils
Posted by DigitalD at 22:07. Category: General

Today I decided to take a look around my news sources, and alas I found that news containing "Grand Theft Auto" was posted almost every hour. I was rather surprised by what I found. Here is a selection of snippets from various articles.

During a public hearing, Love held up a held up a copy of the popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which a character named CJ goes on a barrage of shootings, heists and dalliances with prostitutes. - Source

No he doesn't. The person playing GTA can choose to move CJ and chooses what CJ does, using the controller. CJ himself does not do anything. CJ can be a very civil citizen if the controller is in the hands of a person who wants CJ to be a civil citizen. Now in movies, which are completely different, a person cannot choose anything, and there a character named CJ might indeed go "on a barrage of shootings, heists and dalliances with prostitutes." In a video game however, CJ cannot do that unless the player wants to.

'Kids these days ... are wasting their spare hours ... with immoral trash like "Grand Theft Auto." As Sen. Hillary Clinton explained last week at a forum hosted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, "They're playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them." - Source

Hilarious Hillary. At this point I would like to quote my friend and fellow webmaster here at GTANet: "You know I've played through that game twice now, and I've never ONCE picked up a hooker! Nobody does. It's just one of those small things that some people do when they're bored." Don't they just love to go on about the prostitutes? For heavens sake! I've played all three games in the franchise and I can safely say that the game is NOT about encouraging players to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them. A game encouraging such a thing does not exist.

As criminal Tommy Vercetti in the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," players roam 1980s Miami killing, stealing and hiring hookers in search of drug money. - Source


GTA Vice was NOT about "roaming Miami," killing hookers in search of drug money. You weren't searching for anything. You were performing jobs for the underground and earning money. "Killing, stealing and hiring" hookers did not take place. There even is no stealing hookers in the game. The day that these people will play GTA and stop talking out of their backsides will be the day that I calmly sit on my couch and lay an egg.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Upcoming PC Gamer Preview Details
Posted by DigitalD at 22:29. Category: General

The more observant of you might have noticed that in the February issue of PC Gamer magazine, an upcoming preview of GTA San Andreas PC was advertised. Back during the release of GTA Vice City for PC back in spring of 2002, PC Gamer was the first magazine on the block with details. It seems Rockstar is continuing to support PC Gamer, as this time around PC Gamer has been appointed the first magazine with information on GTA San Andreas PC.

Our partner-site PlanetGTA has spoken to an editor at PC Gamer, and it turns out the preview will be in their June issue, as opposed to the May issue date that was advertised. PC Gamer will be receiving a pre-release build of the game next week for their internal review, and preview preparation.

The June issue of PC Gamer will be available for subscribers in late April or early May. It will be available in stores shortly thereafter. Remember, GTA San Andreas is coming to Xbox and PC second week of June!

Monday, March 14, 2005
Rockstar Left Empty Handed at GDC Awards
Posted by DigitalD at 03:41. Category: General

None of the 4 categories that San Andreas was nominated for at the Game Developers Choice Awards won Rockstar an award. GTA San Andreas was nominated for best game, audio, game design and writing.

The GDC awards are unique in the industry because game developers get the opportunity to award each others' work, instead of consumers voting for their favourite. Big winner of the night was Half-Life 2 with 4 awards.

Related link: GDC Award Winners

New Cheats
Posted by adamcs at 01:38. Category: General

Yet more cheats from edisoncarter:

Always Midnight
Clock stopped at 00:00. Weird sudden weather changes. If you kill yourself, it stays at 12:00.

Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
Recruits get rocket launchers if they don't already have weapons.

Related Links: edisoncarter's site, GTAForums Topic

Friday, March 11, 2005
San Andreas PC System Requirements
Posted by DigitalD at 22:36. Category: General

It seems that a South African online retailer with a curious resemblance to the name of the publisher of San Andreas has put up system requirements for San Andreas PC. It is not known whether these were provided by a source affiliated with Rockstar Games or the retailer in question,, pulled the requirements out of the sky. Regardless, the requirements do look somewhat relevant.

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium PIII 800 MHz Processor or AMD Athlon
NVIDIA GeForceā„¢ or ATI Radeonā„¢ 7000 or higher
CDROM 4X or Faster
256 MB RAM
Windows XP
CPU Pentium 4 2.4GHz or Athlon 2200
Geforce FX 5700 or Radeon 9600 or higher
CDRom 52x or DVD Rom 16x
512 MB RAM

Unlike some german sites might lead you to believe, is a retailer independent from the publisher of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Take 2 Games. Keep in mind that these system requirements have not come directly from Rockstar Games and are therefore prone to change at any time.

Edit: Smoke from GTA Injection phoned the people at up and it turns out the requirements are the assumptions of the retailer. So while they are not the final requirements, they are rather likely. Keep in mind that San Andreas might be shipping on a DVD disc, as is clued by the official boxart.

Never Get Hungry
Posted by adamcs at 13:44. Category: General

We finally managed to put a name on the unknown cheat:

Never Get Hungry

Related Links: edisoncarter's site, GTAForums Topic

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Gameplay Videos
Posted by adamcs at 13:38. Category: General

Due to popular demand, a videos page has been created. There are 10 videos available for download, but more will be added as time progresses. All videos were created by the wonderful community at

Be sure to check out the San Andreas gameplay videos.

New Cheat
Posted by adamcs at 08:21. Category: General

Brand new cheat from edisoncarter:

Slut Magnet
Attract sluts with sex toys, get gimp suit.

Note: We've had reports of PS2's freezing upon activation. It is recommended that you start a new game before activating this cheat.

Related Links: GTAForums Topic, edisoncarter's site

Saturday, March 05, 2005
State politicians proposing more game regulation
Posted by adamcs at 12:00. Category: General

Lawmakers across the country continue to propose legislation that protects youths from the harmful effects of violent games, or that are rated "M" (for Mature content) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

This week, State senator of Arkansas, Shawn Womack, authored a bill that would require shops that rent or sell M-rated games to display them at a height of at least five feet from the floor. The bill, introduced March 3, would allow the Arkansas Department of Public Health to fine vendors up to $500 each time they violate the law.

"These games choreograph violence in a stylized and romanticized way that encourages children and adolescents to associate violence and killing with pleasure, entertainment, feelings of achievement, and personal empowerment"
- The Bill

Checkout the full story at GameSpot.

Thanks to CoplandVictim for the heads up.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Television Adverts Banned
Posted by adamcs at 16:10. Category: General

Adverts for GTA San Andreas have been banned from being shown before the watershed on UK television, after 8 complaints from concerned parents.

Parents say the adverts were shown before 2100 GMT, when children could have been watching. Some adverts contained scenes of violence and the use of guns, whilst another showed the spraying of graffiti and use of guns in a drive-by shooting. One claim said the advert was shown at 1830 GMT whilst their children watched Scrapheap Challenge on Channel 4.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) were asked to investigate, and on Wednesday announced that the adverts had been banned until after the watershed (9PM), because it was concerned about their "threatening violence".

"We could understand the parents' concerns that it was inappropriate for young children to see this level of violence in advertising for a product which was only available to adults"
- Advertising Standards Authority

Rockstar Games said its policy was not to advertise a product around programmes where less than half the audience was below the age required to buy it.

Source: BBC News

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